South Africa detects new coronavirus variant, still studying its mutations C.1.2 contains mutations present in WHO variants of concern Scientists running lab tests to understand more about variant Still appears to account for small share of South Africa's cases JOHANNESBURG, Aug 30 (Reuters) - South African scientists have detected a new coronavirus variant with multiple mutations but are yet to establish whether it is more contagious or able to overcome the immunity provided by vaccines or prior infection. The new variant, known as C.1.2, was first detected in May and has now spread to most South African provinces and to seven other countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania, according to research which is yet to be peer-reviewed. It contains many mutations associated in other variants with increased transmissibility and reduced sensitivity to neutralising antibodies, but they occur in a different mix and scientists are not yet sure how they affect the behaviour of the virus. Laboratory tests are underway to establish how well the variant is neutralised by antibodies. South Africa was the first country to detect the Beta variant, one of only four labelled "of concern" by the World Health Organization (WHO). Beta is believed to spread more easily than the original version of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, and there is evidence vaccines work less well against it, leading some countries to restrict travel to and from South Africa. Richard Lessells, an infectious disease specialist and one of the authors of the research on C.1.2, said its emergence tells us "this pandemic is far from over and that this virus is still exploring ways to potentially get better at infecting us". People queue outside a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccination centre as the country opens vaccinations for everyone 18 years old and above in Cape Town, South Africa, August 20, 2021. REUTERS/Mike Hutchings/File Photo He said people should not be overly alarmed at this stage and that variants with more mutations were bound to emerge further into the pandemic. Genomic sequencing data from South Africa show the C.1.2 variant was still nowhere near displacing the dominant Delta variant in July, the latest month for which a large number of samples was available. In July C.1.2 accounted for 3% of samples versus 1% in June, whereas Delta accounted for 67% in June and 89% in July. Delta is the fastest and fittest variant the world has encountered, and it is upending assumptions about COVID-19 even as nations loosen restrictions and reopen their economies. read more Lessells said C.1.2 may have more immune evasion properties than Delta, based on its pattern of mutations, and that the findings had been flagged to the WHO. A spokesman for South Africa's health department declined to comment on the research. South Africa's COVID-19 vaccination campaign got off to a slow start, with only around 14% of its adult population fully vaccinated so far. Reporting by Alexander WinningEditing by Tim Cocks and Gareth Jones [Water Consumption]

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New Zealand records warmest winter ever as scientists blame climate change The changes were are putting pressure on natural ecosystems and over time, more species would face extinction, experts warn. WELLINGTON, New Zealand — The southern winter that just ended in New Zealand was the warmest ever recorded, and scientists say that climate change is driving temperatures ever higher . For the three months through August, the average temperature was 50 Fahrenheit, or 9.8 Celsius, according to New Zealand's National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research. That's 1.3C above the long-term average and 0.2C higher than the previous record posted last year. Scientists have been keeping records since 1909, but most of the warmest winters have been recent. Nava Fedaeff, a meteorologist at the institute, said that on top of a background of global warming , this year there were more warm winds than usual from the north and warmer sea temperatures. People walk on the beach in Auckland Thursday. The southern winter that just ended in New Zealand was the warmest ever recorded, and scientists say that climate change is driving temperatures ever higher.Sylvie Whinray / New Zealand Herald via AP She said the underlying warming trend can be tracked through carbon dioxide concentration, which has increased in New Zealand from 320 parts per million 50 years ago to about 412 parts per million today. Fedaeff said snowfall at lower elevations was well below average this winter as it was often replaced with rain, which could make for lower river levels later in the year because there will be less snowmelt. That could impact irrigation for farms, she said. There were also more extreme weather events, Fedaeff said, including severe flooding in some places and dry spells in others. Professor James Renwick, a climate scientist at the Victoria University of Wellington, said that in the short term at least, some New Zealand farmers with cow or sheep herds might benefit from a longer grass-growing season. But he said the changes were also putting pressure on natural ecosystems and over time, more species would face extinction . He said it was imperative for humans to slow the rate of greenhouse gas emissions. Download the NBC News app for breaking news and politics “If we don't get on top of warming soon, there is going to be grief for large sections of the world," Renwick said. Renwick said that New Zealand had talked a lot about climate change but had so far done little to curb its emissions. But he said there were now good government policies in place, including a pledge to become carbon-neutral by 2050. He said there were plenty of natural resources like wind, sun and water that could provide renewable power for the nation's energy needs. “New Zealand could become world-leading in green energy and a green economy,” he said.

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A great debate rages between Brunswick, Georgia and Brunswick County, Virginia. The feud is over which region originated the the concoction known as Brunswick stew. This tomato-based Southern dish was originally made up of squirrel, rabbit and opossum as the base proteins in the past. These days, the meat is usually pork or chicken, cooked along with beans and other local vegetables.   A large pot on a pedestal in Mary Ross Park in downtown Brunswick, Georgia is engraved with a bold claim: that it was the first container used to make the stew, stating “In this pot the first Brunswick Stew was made on St. Simon Isle, June 2, 1898.”  The problem is, Brunswick stew has a longer history than that, seeing as historical accounts exist of it prior to 1898—over in Virginia. But Brunswick, Georgia has put up a good fight regarding the origins of the stew. Hilariously, there’s even a second monument to Brunswick stew in town. The one in Mary Ross Park has proudly stood since 1946, when two restauranteurs attempted to solidify the town’s claim to the dish. Yet the stew’s true hometown remains a mystery. No purchase necessary. Winner will be selected at random on 10/01/2021.