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Health department overrules school board quarantine decision TAYLOR COUNTY, Wis. (WAOW)-- Until this week, Medford Schools gave parents a choice, if their students were COVID-19 close-contacts they could come to school if they were asymptomatic or they could keep them in quarantine. "We would encourage them to monitor for symptoms. We would continue to send kids home if we detect symptoms," said Pat Sullivan, Medford School District Superintendent. However, now the Taylor County Health Department says that needs to change. On Thursday, department officials issued an order mandating close-contact students and staff stay in quarantine for the full time required. That order is in line with a state statute that says in part "local health officers may do what is reasonable and necessary for the prevention and suppression of disease," a decision that is angering some residents.

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To address the (mostly small) observed imbalances, we report results derived with post-stratification weights. Indeed, our data show that the weighted sample broadly represents the population of academic economists. Here, we first ask whether economists think economics should embrace different fundamental research objectives than it does today. Respondents indicated whether they believe that the current state of research in economics is “about right” or whether they would prefer more or less of a specific research objective (Figure 1), Of course, these trade-offs are sometimes more and sometimes less severe, but in many cases economics can have more of one research goal only at the expense of the other. The first block of trade-offs revolves around policy relevance and the public importance of research. Research projects that are relevant for society or policymakers are not always the ones who satisfy the researchers’ own intellectual curiosity. Likewise, basic research rarely has an immediate benefit for practitioners. We find that – even at the costs of less intrinsic interest or basic research – the majority of respondents (54% and 52%) believe that more policy relevance is needed. Likewise, 56% of economists would favour working on more important research questions even if this comes at the cost of reduced emphasis on establishing causality. [Water Consumption]

courtesy Every product is carefully selected by our editors. If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission. New Zealand Brand Checks Downtown Plots Its Big Break Learn about the label "defining a new generation of New Zealand design and lifestyle to the world." Hailing from faraway Auckland, New Zealand, Checks Downtown is designer Jordan Gibson's way of exporting his way of dressing to the world. Like Japanese brands in the '80s through early 2000s, he told Index Magazine , New Zealand streetwear can strut its way to the international stage by "reinventing casual American style in a way which wasn’t being appreciated in the US." And although we see his brand's clothes as far more unique, this tactic has worked well for them. Checks interpolates classically American items for an audience that's increasingly as international as it is Auckland-based. "We can put our spin on references we’ve grown up with and, perhaps, this take that you couldn’t have if you grew up living right there," Gibson says. Beyond their flagship and a few other New Zealand shops, Checks boasts stockists in both Japan (SO NKM and Journal Standard) and the US (Rowing Blazers). Surely there's global interest, but Gibson admits the brand's initial focus was far more local (with hopes of expansion on the horizon). "The inspiration behind Checks was to do something that I felt was missing in New Zealand," he says in short film produced by the brand. "It's personal and pretty central to what I like.